Point-to-Point®Pillow – DPM | Point-to-Point Mattress and Pillow

The Point-to-Point® Pillow has 3 standard sizes and dozens of different size combinations, it was designed with the help of over 30 physiotherapists and chiropractors. The Point-to-Point® Pillow’s featuring design is patented and unique.

The height of the pillow while sleeping on the side should be at least 2.5cm higher than on the back. If the neck is too crooked or too straight, it may damage the natural curve of the spine.

The central pad is removable in order to adjust your neck at the right angle, allowing your neck muscles to relax.

The Point-to-Point® Pillow has one side for longer neck and the other side for shorter neck, You can choose to sleep on the side which fits your neck.

For customers with wide shoulders, adjusters can be used to heighten the side sections
for extra neck support when sleeping on the side.

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