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The products and technologies of DPM® are the results of research and development on mattress and pillow over the past 20 years, involving numerous western and traditional Chinese professional doctors and therapists in the areas of orthopedic, chiropractic and physical therapy.

Everybody has a unique neck curve, and it is very important to maintain this curve when in a resting position. The DPM® unique selection software, the DPM® Pillow Selector, measures your shoulder width and neck curvature to help you find the perfect DPM® pillow for you .

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Research by physiotherapists have confirmed that there are considerable difference in size between individuals. When we sleep, we have to support the spine in two different ways: on the back and on the side. Helps to prevent headaches, neck pains and sleepless nights caused by ill-fitting pillows.

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With the head titled forward at about 5-10 degrees.

Ensure your neck and spine to form a horizontal line

Designed with patented latex strengthen the supportive performance,Beside DPM®”s technology improved the problem of foam product may retain body heat, which could make them less comfortable in warm weatherDPM® is passionate about providing a great night’s sleep.

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Gold Medal, International des Inventions de Genève 2015

Honorable Mention, China Deleegation Of Invention And Innovation

Gold Medal, International des Inventions de Genève 2002

Endorsed by The Centre for Allied Health Research, School of Physiotherapy of the University of South Australia

Recognized by The H.K.T.C.M. Orthopedic & Traumatic Association