Technology – DPM | Point-to-Point Mattress and Pillow
This revolutionary breakthrough in mattress-selection technology deviates from the traditional method
of selecting a mattress based purely on feel.
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The DPM advanced "point-to-point® Sensor", with more than 1600 induction points,
can quickly detect your body pressure distribution while you sleep, using an objective and comprehensive
analysis of the scientific data which shows the support and pressure points for your body,
as well your personal sleep behaviour, and determines the perfect mattress comfort index for you.
The DPM system is based on science and gives you a custom-fitted Point-to-Point® mattress
that knows you better than you know yourself. Appointment Now »
From the moment I first stepped into the DPM store, with its soft lighting, wooden furniture, soothing music, and faint, lingering smell of incense, I had the feeling of being in a happy, comfortable home! This "home" is not only comfortable, but also scientifically advanced, because DPM’s "Point-to-Point® Sensor" revolutionises mattress selection!

To provide you with personalized service, our professional consultants show you our sleeping secret, based on accurate scientific data for your “100% custom-fitted” mattress. In addition, once you purchase our Point-to-Point® Mattress, if your body shape changes, you can contact our DPM professional team, who will be very happy to offer you free testing again as part of our excellent after-sales service. Appointment Now »
At DPM, we are convinced that the perfect mattress and pillow can only be developed
after years of repeated research and testing. In the course our product development,
we consulted experts in osteopathy, chiropractic and physical therapy to create a
human-centred design with equal emphasis on comfort and health. Today, we redefine
the concept of "healthy sleep" with our commitment to your 100% custom-fitted comfort.