Feature – DPM | Point-to-Point Mattress and Pillow
The “Point-to-Point® Relief System” can be configured to fit your height, weight and sleep position.
It is configured for the FOUR “Critical Contact Areas”, enabling precise Point-to-Point® pressure relief and support.

DPM patented technology “Point-to-Point® Relief System” is the mattress of core technology. It consists of multiple units, distribution in different areas and two “Core Pressure Relief Units” (four in each double bed) that selected more soft unit focus shoulder and hip which are two “Over-pressured areas”, reduced sleep tossing and turning.

When sleeping on their back, most people have insufficient support for their lower back. Our “Point-to-Point® Relief System”,
using Core Pressure Relief Units, substantially reduces pressure at the critical pressure points, while enhancing support for the lower back,
resulting in more equal support, less tossing and turning, and better sleep quality
relief support