Design – DPM | Point-to-Point Mattress and Pillow
As the fashion leader in fabric design in Europe, Belgium offers incomparable style and leading technology.
Thus Belgian mattress fabric technology was our first choice. The top cover is designed to be sensitive to body pressure areas.
The pressure of the bedding adjusts the lining and its elasticity ensures sufficient stretch, while providing thickness and flexibility.
The top cover allows easy maintenance and thorough cleaning, which benefits personal hygiene.
The 360 AIRFLEX uses material imported from Korea noted for its high quality and long life. Each of the approximately
1,000 soft rectangular pads on the surface is surrounded by side channels, which allow excellent
air circulation and ventilation, providing you with cooler, dryer comfort while you sleep than traditional memory foam does.
Colibre Foam: The soft texture of this patented DPM formula is based on the Chinese Tai Chi principle of “defeating your opponent with tenderness”,
by relaxing and dispersing core body pressure.
Core Pressure Relief Foam: Our exclusive Core Pressure Relief Foam is highly flexible and does not easily deform, while providing excellent support.
The patented design features the ingenious use of Colibre foam and Core Pressure Relief Foam in multiple independent components arranged along the mattress,
which are responsible for the pressure relief and support functions. By simply changing the order, the “system” can track your body movement, relieving your core pressure areas.
The Equilibrium Support Foundation comes from Leggett & Platt®, which pioneered sleep technology
when it introduced its bedspring more than 125 years ago, is an S&P 500 diversified manufacturer.
Individual pocket coils* offer different firmness options and non-metallic high density premium foam to satisfy different needs.
The Equilibrium Support Foundation providing more support, conformability and comfort.
* individual pocketed coils are applicable only in some of such models.
Our scientifically designed Point-to-Point® Mattresses use only the world’s finest materials to ensure you sleep in the most comfortable and
hypoallergenic environment possible.
The Open-Case Design resists dust mites and allergens
Mattresses should usually be changed every 10 years or so, as sealed mattresses are dangerously vulnerable to bacteria and mites, which are likely to cause allergies and which pose a major threat to children, the elderly and others who are prone to allergic rhinitis, asthma and other serious diseases.
Easy maintenance:
The Point-to-Point® Open-Case Design" enables the top cover of the mattress to be removed and for each internal component to be removed, providing a good way to control the spread of dust mites, assist in controlling childrens asthma.
Easy Transportation:
The mattresses are designed to be environmentally friendly and convenient for moving, as they can be disassembled and transported easily and conveniently, benefiting people who move often.
The Modular design
The mattress provides growing and changing bodies with the support they need.
Easy Replacement:
The allows the modular components to be changed at any time. The individual parts can be replaced to allow adjustment to changes in your preferences or body condition, so that the mattress continues to provide perfect support for you and your children as your bodies change.
Environmentally friendly:
The mattress allows individual parts to be replaced, so if a component is damaged, there is no need to replace the mattress.