Point-to-Point® – DPM | Point-to-Point Mattress and Pillow
Everyone’s body has a different curvature, but traditional mattresses provide only a single level of firmness throughout,
resulting in excessive pressure on the “Over-pressured Areas” (shoulders and hips) and
insufficient support for the “Under-supported Areas” (neck and lower back) of
the “4 Critical Contact Areas” for most people when sleeping.
A revolutionary breakthrough in mattress technology, the patented DPM Point-to-Point® mattress
can substantially reduce pressure at the “Over-pressured Areas”, while enhancing support for the neck and lower back,
resulting in more even support and better sleep quality.
Point-to-Point® DPM is a scientific sleep solution which includes our Custom Fit Pro Pillow and mattress.
They can be configured to fit your height and weight, enabling more precise Point-to-Point® pressure relief and
support for your FOUR “Critical Contact Areas”. DPM’s proprietary software, the Dr. Pillow® App, measures your shoulder width and
neck curvature in 30 seconds enabling our professional consultants to quickly configure the perfect DPM pillow for your body.
DPM’s advanced Point-to-Point® Sensor can quantitatively illustrate the
support and pressure distribution on your body while you are sleeping.
Using this scientific data, our professional advisors can accurately
configure the perfect Custom Fitted Point-to-Point® mattress for you.
The core technology embedded in the mattress’s Point-to-Point® Relief System
substantially improves support and pressure distribution at the FOUR "Critical Contact Areas",
resulting in optimal support and better sleep quality.
When the time comes to choose the right mattress for your child,
choose the one that will best support your child’s growing body, particularly the spine.
The prolonged use of mobile devices by children today can add to the stress on their spine.
If you are looking for a good-quality mattress, it has to be soft enough for them to be comfortable,
yet firm enough to prevent them from completely sinking into it.
There is no question that sleeping on a “custom-fitted” Point-to-Point® Mattress,
as well as a Pro Pillow with H-shape design, allows for better and more natural development of a growing spine.
Everyone has a unique body shape, so when a couple is
looking for a quality mattress, who makes the final
decision? Our double DPM Point-to-Point® Mattress
solves the problem. The two halves of the mattress can
be configured separately, creating a personalized
comfort zone for each partner. This can also minimize
the disturbance to you even when your partner shifts
position on the other half of the mattress.
Providing you with better support and
ventilated comfort while you sleep.
Individual pocketed coils** offer different firmness options and non-metallic high density premium foam to satisfy different needs.
**Applicable only in some of such models.
The Open-Case Design resists dust mites and allergens.